WS1. To “Niagara Falls” of Oku-Mikawa

Niagara Falls of Oku-Mikawa is located in Toei-cho, Aichi prefecture, Japan.

The falls named “Tsuta-no-fuchi” was roaring with broadening its gap 10m high and width of 30m all the more after heavy rain at the day before shooting day.

As “Tsuta-no-fuchi” is well supplied with a parking lot, it is convenient for you to visit there by car.

Though there were steps down to the basin of the waterfall, I could not reach there bacause of the rise of a riverflooding.
As I gave up and going back to my car, I found the basin of Niagara Falls of Oku-Mikawa through woods in front of me.
This is the picture I took at the moment.

Highly recommended to visit in Summer season to cool yourself!!!

WS1. 奥三河のナイアガラへ

Wonder of Seeing第一弾は愛知県北設楽郡東栄町にあります蔦の淵です。落差10mを涼しい音をたて、流れ落ちます。夏の涼を感じることのできるスポットです!